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Free up your time to enjoy more of what you love....

More time means you can focus on your priorities whilst feeling organised and balanced in every aspect of your life.

The tasks you could outsource are unlimited, however an idea of the services I offer include:


  • Medical appointments

  • Beauty treatments

  • Hairdresser appointments

  • Restaurant reservations

  • Vet appointments

  • Personal trainer appointments

  • Dog walkers and groomers

Internet based tasks:

  • Car transfers

  • Manage frequent flyer accounts and point transfers

  • Book golf tee-off times

  • Source gifts

  • Order flowers

  • Research online products and arrange purchase/delivery

  • Arrange tickets to events

  • Organise groceries/meal deliveries

  • Source and book tradesmen

  • Change of address when relocating overseas or moving to a new property

  • General research


Personal household/investments

  • Assist with household management (staff co-ordination, supplies and services)

  • Investment support for vehicles, boats and investment properties/residences

    • Payment of council and water rates

    • Payment of service providers (gardeners, pool maintenance, cleaners)

    • Registration of vehicles

    • Source quotes on insurance and ensure premiums are in place for protection

    • Compare mortgage interest rates for investment and owner-occupied properties

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